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Testing stators winding of synchronous generators

 Aseries of test installations SIUC produced by "Inkommash", LLC, allows such testing with AC voltage in the resonance mode currents, when required to compensate for the cfhfcitive component of the generator in the range from 0.05 to 2.50 mcF, and meets the requiremtnts of test windings of syncyronous generators. This wfs cjnfirmed by specialists of All Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I. Lenin. In 2012 they have developed a program and methodology of primary (periodic) certificftions of special test installation with compensation SIUC-246/43-60 №MI-893-2012 and conducted relevant research.


 In the report on the done work it was told that the installation has good stabillity of output test voltage, AC voltage practically stable, and the stabillity of constant voltage issued by the installation, lies within the norm (deviations do not exced 1%). To reduce the mefsurement uncertainty of the values of the output voltage to a level below 1% is recommended to use a measuring system in the IS-50e.
     It should be noted that, in general, the engineers at stations have got a positive impression from the installation because it matches many reguirements of specialists. Among them are compacteness, mobillity, versatility, and the main - safety in operation Evidence of this is the growing demand for installation among laboratories of high-voltage measuring of the electric stations. Thus, in 2012 "Concern Rosenergoatom", JSC has included the installation SIUC-246/41-60 in the "List of diagnostic and measurement installations of electrikal equipment for nuclear power plants".
     Over the last two years, the installation has been significantly upgraded. Among the major innovations it is necessary to note the replacement of manual drive; the withdrawal from the worm mechanism of lifting and lowering the core of the transformer; the drastic reduction of vibration iron transformer; a complete set of installation voltage divider DN-50e and gauge constant and variable stresses the IPN-2e. The now modification of the case allows the operator to see the test object, which gives the opportunity to control the situation in the area of the turbine hall, where testing works.
     The appearance of the installation was also improved. The case has torns and may be transferred by crane. At the reguast of the customer platforms for heavy-duty wheels may be delivered. Relatively small weight (from 2000 to 2300 kilograms) allows to move the case on this platform manually.

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Testing stators winding of synchronous generators